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Private Mechanic’s Lien Seminars

We Know Construction Law

The Texas Board of Legal Specialization has certified approximately 135 Texas attorneys as Board Certified in construction law. Lovein Ribman’s Construction Law Department is overseen by two of those Board Certified attorneys: Robert M. Lovein and Haven Massey. As Board Certified construction law attorneys, we know the Texas mechanic’s lien laws and we love teaching them to our clients. So much so, that we have developed a private Mechanic’s Lien Training Seminar designed to teach you everything you will ever need to know to prepare, file, and serve all Texas mechanic’s lien documents. It has been said that the Texas lien laws are some of the most difficult to understand and complex lien laws in the Nation. However, through our Lien Law Seminar, we will break down the lien laws to their simplest form and teach you to prepare lien documents like a professional. Our Lien Law Seminars include the following:

  • Specifically tailored one-on-one or group training held either in person or by video conferencing.
  • All mandatory lien documents in Word format specifically tailored for your company that can be used over and over again on all future projects.
  • An easy to understand summary of the Texas lien laws.
  • A video recording of the seminar that can be used to train future employees.
  • How to calculate and understand the pre-lien notice deadlines.
  • How to calculate and understand the retainage laws and notice deadlines.
  • How to calculate and understand preliminary lien notices for specially fabricated materials.
  • How to use the Prompt Payment Act and the Trust Fund Statute in lien documents to increase the probability of being paid.
  • How to prepare the type of pre-lien notice that will get you paid.
  • How to locate the real property owner and registered agent for services of all lien documents.
  • How to locate the real property description for the lien affidavit.
  • How to prepare a lien affidavit.
  • How and where to file a lien affidavit.
  • How to calculate the lien filing deadlines.
  • How and when to serve the lien affidavit after it has been recorded.
  • How to prepare a notice of lien filing that will increase your probability of being paid.
  • How to release a lien once paid.
  • How and when to foreclose a mechanic’s lien through judicial foreclosure.

Our private lien law seminars typically last 3-4 hours and can include anywhere from one student up to your entire organization.



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“Lovein Ribman is an exceptional firm and quite literally one of the finest we have ever worked with. Mr. Lovein has represented us over the years on a number of matters and has always been extremely effective at accomplishing our objectives in a prompt and efficient manner. Attorney Lovein is extremely knowledgeable and packs a mighty punch, often reaching into large corporations to turn levers thereby ensuring their smaller vendors are treated fairly and equitably.”  – Miami Filters, LLC

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“Robert Lovein and the entire Lovein Ribman team are great attorneys and a real asset to our company. I have consulted with them on countless projects over the past 12 years and they have always been great to work with. They are my go-to group for all legal-related matters.”  – CODY Air Conditioning & Heating
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