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“They have recovered damages when other lawyers did not think it was possible, and defeated claims that other lawyers wanted to settle.”  – Elite Roofing Solutions

Commercial Litigation

When disputes cannot be resolved through informal negotiations, litigation is the next step. Although litigation generally has a negative connotation, it is actually a great opportunity to gain leverage and push the matter toward resolution; whether by further informal negotiations, mediation, or ultimately a trial or arbitration. Our litigation attorneys approach litigation in multiple stages, and use each stage to strengthen and build your case, in an effort to convince the other side that resolving the dispute prior to trial is always in their best interest. However, if a dispute cannot be resolved prior to proceeding to trial or arbitration, Lovein Ribman’s litigation attorneys are experienced trial lawyers who have tried hundreds of cases in federal court, state court, and before binding arbitration panels. Our litigation clients include small companies up to Fortune 50 companies, public companies, as well as privately held and not-for-profit organizations. If your company is facing potential litigation, contact us at (888) 368-2483 or submit the Contact Form, for a no-obligation consultation.

Commercial Construction Litigation

Our commercial construction litigation attorneys have successfully prosecuted thousands of complex construction-related claims across the state of Texas, recovering well over $500,000,000.00 in damages for our clients. We routinely represent government entities, sureties, architects, engineers, designers, property owners, general contractors, subcontractors, and material suppliers with prosecuting and defending mechanic lien foreclosures, performance bond claims, payment bond claims, construction defect claims, design defect claims, and delay claims on projects of all sizes and types. Our construction litigation team is overseen and led by experienced construction attorneys who are board certified in construction law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. An honor held by approximately 100 Texas lawyers.

Residential Construction Litigation

We know residential construction and have represented thousands of homeowners throughout the state of Texas, with new home construction contract disputes, warranty claims, defective design claims, construction defect claims, delay claims and invalid lien claims. Our experienced construction attorneys equally represent architects, engineers, builders, subcontractors, and material suppliers with recovering unpaid claims and defending against homeowner construction design and defect claims.

Construction Surety Defense

Whether on a public or private project, Lovein Ribman’s construction attorneys have represented some of the country’s largest sureties with successfully defending against bid bond claims, performance bond claims, and payment bond claims on large scale construction projects located throughout Texas. Our construction surety attorneys routinely advise sureties during the underwriting stage, to include drafting and modifying AIA bond forms and indemnity agreements, and advise sureties on the risks that may arise under particular bond forms. When a contractor has defaulted on a performance bond, our construction surety attorneys assist sureties with understanding their options for fulfilling bond requirements, such as financing the contractor, taking over and completing the contractor’s bonded obligations, tendering a new contractor to complete the bonded obligations, consenting to the owner/obligee’s completion of the bonded obligations, pursuing a settlement or “buy back” of the bond, or denying the claim at issue. When claims are asserted against the payment bond, our construction attorneys can quickly analyze subcontractor claims to determine their validity and the various defenses that can be asserted to defeat the claims. When disputes cannot be resolved, the firm’s surety attorneys regularly represent sureties in litigation, arbitration, and various other forms of formal dispute resolution.

Construction Insurance Defense

Construction law is a unique and specialized area of law. Insurance companies and their insureds are not well served by assigning a construction defect case to their in-house counsel or their typical outside commercial general liability counsel. As Board Certified construction attorneys, Lovein Ribman brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to defending construction defect claims that typical commercial general liability lawyers simply do not possess. Consequently, our construction attorneys are able to quickly analyze the claim, identify specialty defenses, and determine the necessary experts to assist us with defeating or minimizing the insurer’s exposure. Lovein Ribman’s construction attorneys work with some of the nation’s largest insurers in defending residential, commercial, and industrial construction defect claims.

Real Estate Litigation

Lovein Ribman’s real estate litigation attorneys represent commercial developers, commercial property owners, homeowners, landlords, property management companies, real estate investors, lenders, brokers, appraisers, title insurers, escrow agents and other industry-related businesses. Our attorneys handle virtually any type of real estate litigation matter, to include disputes relating to acquisition and development; disputes arising under purchase and sale agreements, option agreements, development agreements, and land use and zoning disputes; litigation of property management agreements and prosecution of receivership actions; contract disputes relating to brokers and agents; disputes concerning easements, property lines, adverse possession, quiet title, trespass, nuisance, partition and other title disputes and actions; landlord-tenant disputes, to include eviction proceedings, complex lease interpretation issues and other landlord-tenant disputes; and HOA disputes relating to homeowners’ associations and CC&Rs.

Bankruptcy Litigation

As with most areas of the law, the Bankruptcy Code is comprised of a complex set of statutes that can seem daunting and prove challenging for even the most experienced practitioners. Lovein Ribman, P.C. has built its reputation on providing our clients with cost-effective, creative, and efficient solutions to some of the most challenging legal problems in the industry. Whether you are a debtor considering filing bankruptcy, a business in need of reorganization or restructuring advice, or a creditor in need of representation and guidance throughout the bankruptcy process, the attorneys at Lovein Ribman, P.C. are experienced, knowledgeable, and capable in handling insolvency-related matters whenever they might arise.

Business Litigation

As your business grows disputes are inevitable. They can be as simple as a non-paying client or as devastating as a partnership or shareholder dispute. If the dispute cannot be resolved through informal negotiations, then your only option is litigation. Understanding that disputes can negatively impact day-to-day operations, overall productivity and goodwill in the industry, our attorneys always work to resolve litigation as quickly and efficiently as possible while never losing sight of our clients’ rights, interests and best possible outcome. The business litigation attorneys at Lovein Ribman handle business disputes of all types and sizes, to include shareholder and partnership disputes; business disparagement; misappropriation of trade secrets, trademark and copyright violations; fraud, misrepresentation & conspiracy; deceptive trade practices; intentional interference with contract; breach of fiduciary duties; and violation of non-compete agreements.

Employment Litigation

Disgruntled employees are typically litigious and there is always an aggressive plaintiff lawyer willing to take the case regardless of its merit. Our goal is to quickly and efficiently evaluate the claim and recommend a course of action that is least disruptive to the business, so you can focus on the day-to-day operation of the business while our lawyers do the heavy lifting. Our clients rely on our employment litigation attorneys to deliver business insights, legal acumen, and trial skills to navigate employment litigation and develop strategies that will reduce their exposure. Lovein Ribman’s employment litigation attorneys represent businesses of all sizes by prosecuting and defending against age, race, and gender discrimination claims; hostile work environment and harassment claims; wage & hour claims; wrongful discharge; entitlement to employee benefits; misappropriation of trade secrets and confidential information; unfair competition; enforcement or avoidance of non-compete agreements; workplace safety violations; non-subscriber work-related injuries; Texas Workforce Commission claims and other employment-related torts.

If your business is facing a dispute, please contact us at (888) 368-2483 or submit the Contact Form to discuss your claim and to formulate a winning strategy.


Submit this Simple Form or Call (888) 368-2483 to Talk to a Litigation Attorney

Submit this Simple Form or Call (888) 368-2483 to Talk to a Litigation Attorney

“Lovein Ribman is an exceptional firm and quite literally one of the finest we have ever worked with. Mr. Lovein has represented us over the years on a number of matters and has always been extremely effective at accomplishing our objectives in a prompt and efficient manner. Attorney Lovein is extremely knowledgeable and packs a mighty punch, often reaching into large corporations to turn levers thereby ensuring their smaller vendors are treated fairly and equitably.”  – Miami Filters, LLC

“We have worked with many law firms all over the United States since we are a multi-state contractor. This firm is one of the best. They are very professional and well versed in the law and yet make you feel like they are part of your everyday management team! I highly recommend Lovein Ribman!”  – Premier Site Services, LLC

“I cannot say enough about the attorneys at Lovein Ribman, who for well over a decade have consistently provided our company with immediate access and response, wise and thorough legal advice, guidance and representation through some of our most challenging of times.  Thank you for always being there for us.”  – K. Simon Construction
“Lovein Ribman is amazing! We’ve worked with them as needed for a few years now. Whether it’s a big issue or small, they always give us prompt attention and excellent assistance in resolving any issue. I would highly recommend them to anyone in the construction industry!”  – Mak Studio
“Robert Lovein and the entire Lovein Ribman team are great attorneys and a real asset to our company. I have consulted with them on countless projects over the past 12 years and they have always been great to work with. They are my go-to group for all legal-related matters.”  – CODY Air Conditioning & Heating
“This firm is very professional and timely. We have been working with them for 13+ years and will continue to do so. Couldn’t recommend a better team of lawyers to work with. They are on your side!”  – RECS
“Lovein Ribman has handled our Construction Legal business for 6 years and no one is better. Very professional and they know the law very well.”  – ASI
“Lovein Ribman has represented our company for over a decade. They have handled all of our matters with utmost professionalism and timeliness. I don’t make recommendations easily, but would recommend this firm without hesitation. I would consider Lovein Ribman as some of my top business advisers.”  – Cheyenne Construction
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