Companies, executives, and managers need a law firm that understands employment law from their prospective.  We specialize in representing just companies, executives, and managers.  We know and understand the unique laws that protect companies and upper level employees, and we know how to effectively apply them to your advantage.  Whether its through the creation of an employer-employee agreement or the defense of a claim, our employment lawyers have the answers and solutions to protect you.

Protecting You Through Agreements

Every company, executive, and manager should have an employment agreement in place that sets forth the terms of the relationship, how to handle disagreements, and the parties’ rights and obligations upon separation of the employment relationship.  Even if the the employment is “at-will,” it is good practice to memorialize the terms of the relationship through an employment agreement.  In addition, there are at least 9 other primary employment-related agreements that companies and upper level employees should utilize and/or be familiar with.  They include the:

  • Non-Compete Agreement (Restricts an employee from accepting a job with a competitor or starting a competing business);
  • Confidentiality Agreement (Prohibits an employee from disclosing information about your company to a competitor or other third-party);
  • Non-Solicitation Agreement (Prohibits an employee who resigns or is terminated from soliciting your employees and/or clients);
  • Arbitration Agreement (Requires an employee to resolve workplace disputes with your company through binding arbitration as opposed to filing a lawsuit in state or federal court);
  • Last Chance Agreement (Contains an employee’s acknowledgment that he/she has engaged in prior misconduct and that any future misconduct, no matter how minor, will result in his/her immediate discharge from your company);
  • Relocation Agreement (Establishes the terms and conditions of an employee’s relocation to a new residence as part of an offer of employment and/or continued employment);
  • Consent Agreement (Contains an employee’s authorization allowing your company to take actions that could otherwise be considered an invasion of the employee’s privacy); and
  • Separation Agreement (Establishes the terms and conditions of an employee’s separation of employment from your company and will usually contain the employee’s agreement to waive all claims he/she may have against your company).

If your company is not routinely using the above agreements or if you have a question regarding the enforcement of one of these agreements, then please call us at (817) 442-5106 for a free consultation.  If you are an executive or a manger who needs assistance with negotiating, interpreting, or prosecuting one of the above agreements, please call us at (817) 442-5106 to discuss your options.

Protecting Your Company Through Counseling

We know that you need to focus on running your business, not employment laws.  That’s why we are always just a phone call or email away from having an answer to your most complex employment law question.  Whether its determining what laws apply or dealing with an adverse employee, we have the answer.

Demands, Claims, Hearings, and Litigation

Our lawyers handle all types of employment demands, claims, administrative hearings, and litigation in both state and federal court, to include:

  • Wage and Hour Claims;
  • Unemployment Claims;
  • Gender Discrimination Claims;
  • Race Discrimination Claims;
  • Age Discrimination Claims;
  • Sexual Harassment Claims;
  • Family and Medical Leave Act Claims; and
  • Texas Workforce Hearings.

If your company is being threatened with an employee claim or if you are a manager or executive who desires to initiate a claim, call us at (817) 442-5106 for a free consultation and to discuss a winning strategy.